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    Plant Biotechnology
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    To understand the biosynthesis of secondary metabolites in medicinal and aromatic plants (MAPs) through expression profiling and development of genetically distinct promising genotypes in Medicinal and Aromatic plants. A large number of industrially important bioactive molecules are the products of secondary metabolism. Regulation of secondary metabolite biosynthesis is poorly understood in medicinal and Aromatic Plants. These genetic elements although poorly understood but capable of influencing biosynthetic rates significantly. Individual enzymes that represent rate-limiting steps can influence the rate of secondary metabolite production. The long-term goal is to unveil the regulatory hierarchy of secondary metabolism and to develop a rational approach for metabolic engineering of secondary metabolite production using genomic technologies and development of model gene chip for MAPs which in turn helps in unraveling many unknown factors affecting yield potential. Finally this approach will provide a way to develop the high yielding improved elite germplasm suitable to various climatic changes.
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Sunita S Dhawan

Designation:   Scientist

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Res : 91- 522-2751036

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Mob : 91- -9389424488