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    Metabolic & Structural Biology
Work Area & Experience
    Work Area: Understanding plant secondary metabolism using genomic, transcriptomic and metabolic approaches; biosynthesis of secondary metabolites; phytochemical versus genetic diversity; pathway engineering; cloning and over-expression of key genes; co-ordination of primary metabolism and secondary metabolism at biochemical and pathway integration levels; abiotic stress such as drought modulation of the secondary metabolism; studies on key metabolic enzymes leading to targetted secondary transformation; isolation and cloning of genes for improving and using them as importotant biotransformation tools, RNAi mediated silencing of secondary metabolic genes for understanding function; The research work done at CSIR-CIMAP has led to various national award and fellowships such as Dr K.S. Krishnan Fellowship, Visiting Fellow to John Innes Centre, Norwich, UK-INSA-Royal Society; Visiting scientist Noble Foundation, USA; INSA-young scientist Medal; NAAS-Young Scientist Medal; Prof Hiralal Chakravorty Award; BOYSCAST fellowship; Elected fellow-NAAS;
Current Area of Interest
    • Understanding and regulation of plant secondary metabolic pathways, • Cloning and over-expression of key pathway genes for metabolite enhancement and understanding its function in the plant, • RNAi mediated gene silencing • Biology of aroma (terpenoid) formation, Secondary metabolism under abiotic stress, Bright and young scholars with fellowship interested to work in the above area may contact/apply.
    M.Sc.(Biochemistry); Ph.D
  • Sangwan NS, Sharma PK and Sangwan RS . 2007. Geranyl acetate esterase is commonly present but linalyl acetate esterase occurrence is highly limited in plants. Flavor And Fragrance Journal 22; 169-173
  • Sharma PK, Sangwan RS and Sangwan NS . 2005. TCA facilitated coenzyme A-SH stabilization based end point spectrophotometric DTNB-assay for plant terpene alcohol acetyl transferases (AATs) Analytical Biochemistry 346: 176-178.
  • Nayak S, Srivastava G, Debata, BK and Sangwan NS . 2003. Evaluation of agronomically useful somaclonal variants in Jamrosa (a hybrid Cymbopogon) and detection of genentic changes through RAPD Plant Science 164: 1029-1035.
  • Sangwan NS, Yadav U and Sangwan RS . 2001. Molecular analysis of genetic diversity in elite Indian cultivars of essential oil trade types of aromatic grasses (Cymbopogon species) Plant Cell Reports 20: 437-444
  • Sangwan RS, Sangwan NS, Jain DC, Sushil Kumar and Ranade SA . 1999. RAPD profile based genetic characterization of chemotypic variants of Artemisia annua L Biochemistry And Molecular Biology International 47, 935-944
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Neelam S Sangwan

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